Състезание по творческо писане на английски език


 Ученичките Симона Атанасова от VI Б клас и Яна Гогова от VII Б клас постигнаха огромен успех на Състезанието по творческо писане на английски език и за пореден път затвърдиха позицията на 143. ОУ "Георги Бенковски" като най-доброто в район "Подуяне".

Резултати от Дванадесетото състезание по творческо писане на английски език


Ема_Луканова -7В клас

Биляна-7в клас

Боян Бончев-6в клас

Даниел Стоименов-7а клас

Ева Джурова- 6г клас

Илияна Георгиева- 6б клас

Максим Петров- 6 г клас

Радина Стефанова- 7 клас

Тодор Иванов- 6б клас














Dancing alphabet (Симона Атанасова, 6Б клас)

You might wonder "How does the alphabet dance?''. The answer is simple – it can dance in the dreams of young children who study hard to learn how to read and write.
                        That was the case for the young Mary. After a very busy school day, Mary went home so tired, she fell asleep instantly. She couldn't have known what awaited her. What greeted her was the strong scent of sweets and tea. She decided to follow the nice smell of her favourite baked treats and warm tea. It lead her to a very big ballroom full of beautiful decoration, mainly different flowers and some she hasn't ever seen before. She gently picked up a few of them and made herself a flower crown. Mary noticed the whole alphabet gathered in the ballroom and dressed in gorgeous dresses and suits. There were tables full of food in alphabetical order. Mary, without thinking much, entered the ballroom.
             Ms A was the first letter that caught Mary's attention right after the decorations and the cozy scent. Ms A was so elegant with her long royal blue glittery dress. It had a very nice white bow on the back and the shoes happened to be the ones Mary saw in her book earlier this day. Mary approached the proud letter. Ms A recognised the girl. She then asked Mary many strange questions. "Who has the best dress?'' , ''What tea do you prefer the most?'' , ''Is it hard learning about us?'', "Can you write your name, Mary?''. Mary couldn't answer any of the questions. She was so shocked letters could talk, eat and dance. She also wondered how Ms A knew her name. Ms A, seeing how scared and confused Mary was, gathered the rest of the letters and decided to ask them to show her around and answer all of her questions. When she got all of the answers she wanted, her fear went away. The whole alphabet continued their party. The girl decided to talk to a few of them.
            Mary approached the youngest one of them – Ms O. Ms O was wearing a short pink puffy dress, decorated with roses. She kindly smiled to Mary and offered her some food. The girl gladly agreed and Ms O took Mary's hand, led her to the big tables full of food and gave Mary some orage juice, cookies in the shape of orchids (as strange as it is). Mary tried spelling them and she succeeded. Ms O was very proud of her and congratulated Mary.  
            Then the big clock started ringing. It was time for the whole alphabet to gather, dance together and form words. Ms O took Mary's hand once again and gently let her participate in the dances. It was magical. Mary saw all of the beautiful letters shining and dancing slowly. They all started flying and forming sentences. The sun has finally set and the ballroom started disappearing. Mary could see the alphabet turning into glitter. She couldn't even say goodbye. It was time to go.

Mary woke up in her bed. She was so sad. She knew it wasn't just a dream and she wanted to see Ms A and her proud self, the kind Ms O, the funny Mr H, the scary W, every single letter once again. It was all magical. Hopefully Mary sees them tomorrow again in her notebook.





The curious friendship between the sun and the cloud (Яна Гогова, 7б клас)

      It was one sunny day in Bulgaria, people were smiling when walking down the streets and everyone was happy. About 3 p.m. when people were walking in the streets of the capital Sofia, they heard yelling coming from above. What could that be? The people didn't know what's happening. "WHY ARE YOU STANDING IN FRONT OF ME?!", "I'M STANDING IN FRONT OF YOU? YOU ARE GONNA MELT ME WITH THAT.. HEAT OF YOURS!"- it was a weird reason to argue about, well not for them. Arguments like that aren't a rare thing to them. The people were just starring the sky trying to figure out where all the yelling comes from. They never really realized who it was. Did you find out who it was? The sun and the cloud of course! Everyday arguments like "Why would you be so warm, Sun???" with that annoying tone of hers. Oh, I forgot to tell you, the cloud was a girl and the Sun was a boy.

     Soon after they argued for the 17th time this day, the people went away. It usually wasn't so crowded when they were arguing, but not today. Today is a different day! Do you wanna know why? Today Cloud's best friend has a birthday! No, not the Sun, but her cloud friend. But of course, Sun is invited too. So it is sunset now and they're heading to meet Cloud's best friend- her name is Stratus. She is a small white cloud and she's never met Sun, so they're gonna meet now.

     Hello, Stratus! Happy Birthda!- said the Sun

     Oh hii! Thank you! It's so nice to meet you. Cloud told me a lot about you while you were asleep! I'm very excited to meet someone as special as you!- Stratus answered, very thrilled to be meeting Sun.- So how are you?

     "I'm fine, thank you!"


So they started chatting and chatting as time went on. But wait... It's time for Sun to go to sleep! It is 11 p.m.! And still day outside. Oh no, his mother Spica will ground him! The worst thing is- if she does, he won't see Cloud anymore. So after thinking about what he should do, he decided to not come back anyways.


It got even later. It's 2 a.m. now. "What if my mom starts looking for me, she knows where I work, so she will find me easy."- He said in his thoughts, worryingly. Well, this is exactly what happened. After not more than 10 minutes, she came. "Oh no!" Sun thought.

       WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING HERE, YOU SHOULD'VE CAME HOME BY NOW!- Spica yelled at him very angrily.

       M-mom I-


       O-okay, I'm sorry...


So she grabbed him by the hand and it was finally night. They went home, and of course as expected- she grounded him and now he can't meet Cloud or Stratus. She decided it was a good idea to go work instead of him. So the next day she went, but... Well, she is Spica, which means she is way stronger than the Sun when it comes to warmth and light. And the other thing, she is blue! Sounds surreal when you hear it, doesn't it? Well, stars have different names, sizes, and light differently. The people started waking up only at 5 a.m. due to her strong light. "What is this? Is the world ending?!", many people thought. Well, they have a good reason to think that at least, don't they. Soon enough the Cloud went to Spica to talk to her.

          Why are you here instead of Sun?- Cloud asked
          Sun is busy right now, and maybe if it wasn't for your friend to make him stay here until 3 a.m., maybe then he would be here. Now get away, Cloud, I don't want another problem in here!

         But miss, people are dying because of your strong light and warmth!
         I DON'T CARE, YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN A STAR, AND WILL NEVER BE, only beautiful things can be stars, not like you!
        How can you come here, killing so many people and don't care?! Get Sun back!
        Oh, no I never will! I'm now the one standing above you all! And didn't you hate him? I thought you did, you always argue like little kids.
       But, in reality we are friends after all…!
       I don’t care, now go back to your… friend Stratus!
       I’m gonna find Sun, and you will see!

She did as she said. She is going to find the Sun! One thing I know about Cloud is that she never gives up! So she went in Space, well… she never gives up, but sometimes that’s her flaw. After many hours of looking for her friend Sun, she finally found his home! She was so excited to go there and immedietaly started sprinting. But she doesn’t know that sprinting in Space is not the best decision. Right before she got in his home she started disappearing, her white fluf went all over Space. This exact moment Sun saw her and started running towards her to save her, but it was too late… Cloud already disappeared, they couldn’t even say goodbye…

This was the moment Sun decided to take revenge. He went to the Earth as fast as he could.
           MOM STOP!- he yelled at the top of his lungs- WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?!
           Ahh, son, you don’t know anything about me, do you? I’m not gonna stop until they all die, like my previous planet I had to warm up. They are all ungrateful.
           DON’T DO IT MOM PLEASE!
           I will.- she said with a smirk on her face.- I have one more thing to do now!- she blew away sun with all her power.

He became as cold as his mother’s personality, he is useless now.
        I’m done with you now, you did so many things for Cloud, and what did she do? Nothing, when she tried to do something she just disappeared.

Sun couldn’t even speak, he was crying, he lost everything now- his only friend, his ability to warm up people. Few years passed by and he finally met Cloud again… because they both disappeared, they are happy now that they are together.

Be grateful for what you have, because you don’t know when you will lose it!